42inch display adds new dimension to digital signage

Claimed to be the largest commercial available active matrix ePaper module, the 42inch Pear range of ePaper displays was launched at CES 2017, by E Ink.

It is intended to meet the growing demand for large area displays across the digital signage market, for public information, retail and transportation.

The display uses the company’s bi-stable technology allows the display to retain images and text even when removed from a power source, for visibility and readability in various lighting conditions, says the company.

Cost of ownership is reduced because of the display’s minimal power requirements and operational costs, says the company, as well as its ability to function with a standalone (autonomous) power system. It is thin and lightweight for ease of deployment and maintenance, and can be implemented in locations where there is no power infrastructure as the display’s low power requirements can be supported   by solar power.

The display has a wide viewing angle that can be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes. The display’s 4:3 aspect ratio is identical to that of real paper. Dimensions are 658.6 x 884.3 x 1.64mm, with a resolution of 2160 X 2880 and

85dpi. According to the company, the resolution is higher than a standard high definition display, bringing enhanced clarity to text and images.

The 42inch ePaper module will be in production by the end of Q1-2017. The first application will a collaboration with QuirkLogic Quilla in the Connected eWriter portable tool that writes just like paper, says the company.



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