Acoustic microscope tool is semi-automated

Equipped with a large scan area, the J610 has been added to the Sonoscan C-SAM acoustic microscope line. The C-SAM J610 is a semi-automated tool designed for production environments.

Its key role is finding internal structural defects by screening trays of loose components, wafers, board-mounted components and other suitably sized items.

The 610 x 610mm scan area can accommodate six JEDEC-style trays or one or more PCBs. To reduce vibrations and maximise image quality, the system’s patented inertially balanced linear scanner is counterweighted.

It can learn the x, y and z extent of specific user-defined areas of interest within a component. By comparing anomalies to the user’s standards, it can automatically

accept or reject components.

The PolyGate software can create a separate image for each of multiple depths of interest in a given component, without increasing scan time, says the company. The proprietary Q-BAM module can create non-destructive cross sections through a component.

When scanning PCBs, the system finds and scans a component even if the component is slightly out of place on the board. When defects repeatedly appear in the same component on multiple boards, steps can be taken to find and eliminate the cause.

The J610 inspection permits replacement of board-mounted components that fail to meet the user’s criteria.


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