Alternistor triacs simplify thermal management

Optimised for AC power control applications such as motor speed control, lighting controls and heater control.

Littelfuse has introduced two series of high temperature alternistor triacs, to add to the company’s thyristors portfolio. Maximum junction temperature for the 16A QJxx16xHx series and 25A QJxx25xHx series is 150 degree C. The tyyristors are designed for use as AC switches, helping circuit designers address overheating challenges in AC power control applications with limited or no heat sinking, says Littelfuse. Their high peak, single cycle AC current pulse ratings allow them to tolerate higher in-rush currents in heater or motor control applications, adds the company.

Applications for QJxx16xHx and QJxx25xHx high temperature alternistor triacs include dimmers for incandescent and LED lighting, AC solid-state relays, compressor motor control in light industrial applications, heater control in coffeemakers, tankless water heaters and infrared heaters and motor speed control in kitchen appliances and power tools.

The high operating temperatures for the QJxx16xHx and QJxx25xHx simplify thermal management problems, such as overheating or reduced operating times. The robust clip-attach assembly ensures high field reliability, says Littelfuse.

QJxx16xHx Series and QJxx25xHx Series High Temperature Alternistor Triacs offer these key benefits:

In addition to the 150 degree C maximum junction temperature, the triacs’ 200A/250A ITSM ratings allow tolerating higher inrush currents in heater or motor control applications.

Littelfuse adds that the mechanically and thermally robust TO-220/263 (16A and 25A) and TO-218 (25A) clip-attach assembly ensures higher field reliability than wire-bond packages. Internally isolated TO-220 and TO-218 packages provide better heat dissipation and higher isolation voltage.

The QJxx16xHx Series and QJxx25xHx high temperature alternistor triacs are available in TO-220 (isolated or non-isolated), TO-263 (D2-PAK), TO-218AC (isolated) and TO-218X (isolated) packaging in tube pack in quantities of 500 (50 per tube) or in embossed carriers in quantities of 500. Sample requests may be placed through authorised Littelfuse distributors worldwide.


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