Analog Devices and Renesas Electronics collaborate on automotive radar sensing

Analog Device and Renesas Electronics is collaborating on 77/79GHz automotive radar technology, designed to improve ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) applications and enable autonomous vehicles.

The partners are working on a system-level 77/79GHz radar sensor demonstrator, which combines the RH850/V1R-M microcontroller (MCU) from the Renesas autonomy platform and Analog Device’s Drive360 advanced 28nm CMOS RF-to-bits technology. The two technologies combined in system-level will make driving safer by enabling earlier detection of smaller and faster moving objects at greater distances. It will also lower radar system integration efforts and reduce evaluation risks for automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and Tier One suppliers.

“Radar sensors play a crucial role for all ADAS or automated driving functions,” said Jean-Francois Chouteau, vice president of Renesas Global ADAS Centre. Chris Jacobs, general manager, ADAS & Automotive Safety, Analog Devices believes: “This innovative system approach will significantly reduce risk by providing digital interoperability at the system level for our customers.”

Analog Devices Drive360 28nm CMOS radar technology platform builds on its ADAS, MEMS, and radar technology portfolio. Drive360 is believed to be the world’s first automotive radar technology based on advanced 28nm CMOS with RF for target identification and classification. Analog Device’s radar enables earlier detection of smaller and faster moving objects. High output power enables greater range and identification of smaller objects, while lowest phase noise enables best unambiguous detection of smaller objects in the presence of large objects.

Renesas says it is the only automotive semiconductor supplier in the industry to offer end-to-end solutions from secure cloud connectivity and sensing to autonomous control. The Renesas autonomy platform is an open, trusted platform for ADAS and automated driving, supported by Renesas’ sustainable and scalable system on chip (SoC) and microcontroller (MCU) roadmaps. The RH850/V1R-M MCU was specifically designed for use in radar applications. The RH850/V1R-M MCU includes optimised programmable digital signal processing (DSP), dual central processing unit (CPU) cores, each operating at 320MHz with what Renesas claims is industry-leading, high speed flash of 2Mbyte, and 2Mbyte internal RAM. It also meets meeting the industry’s highest temperature requirements.


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