Analogue TMR angle sensor protects automotive and industrial applications

Small, redundant analogue tunnel magneto resistance (TMR) angle sensors by TDK have been developed for safety applications in industrial and automotive environments. The deterministic behaviour of the TAS4240 in extended magnetic-field ranges opens up new application possibilities, even in demanding environments.

The TAS4240 is a compact, cost-effective, redundant, half-bridge TMR-based sensor for angle and position detection. It provides accurate and redundant rotor position measurement, used for example in power steering motors.

As a 360 degree angle sensor, the TAS4240 is able to measure the rotor position of brushless DC motors used in safety critical applications, like power steering, brake boosters, or traction motors. The sensor contains four TMR half bridges and provides two separated SIN/COS outputs. Higher safety levels up to ASIL D can then be achieved for the system while offering higher availability of position information even in case of a failure of one of the output signals, TDK confirmed. Depending on system architectures, fail-operational concepts can also be supported by the sensor.

The TAS4240 TMR-based angle sensor is supplied in a compact TSSOP8 package and provides two redundant analogue single-ended SIN/COS outputs. The sensor enables precise angle measurements in applications where high performance is needed and space is limited, advised TDK. 

TDK’s TMR technology is based on its magnetic sensor technology and optimises its sensors by integrating TMR technology into small packages. The angle accuracy of the sensor remains stable at different temperatures and over the sensor’s lifetime, said the company. 

The TAS4240 is in production now and samples are available from TDK.

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