Angle sensor ICs provide contactless position information

The A1330 0 to 360 degree angle sensor ICs from Allegro Microsystems Europe can support either analogue or PWM output signals. They provide contactless high-resolution angular position information based on magnetic Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology. 

The A1330 devices include an SoC architecture that includes a CVH front end, digital signal processing, and either an analogue or digital PWM output signal. 

The sensor ICs are offered in both single and dual die versions for systems that require redundant sensors. They also include on-chip EEPROM technology, capable of supporting up to 100 read/write cycles, for flexible end-of-line programming of calibration parameters.

Both devices are ideal for automotive applications requiring 0 to 360 degree angle measurements, such as motor position measurements for pumps and other actuators, that require low latency and high resolution. The A1330 also includes on-chip scaling to support ‘short stroke’ applications with as little as 11.25 degree of motion, like valve position, pedal position, and fuel tank level sensing.

The dual die assembly is a stacked die format, claimed to provide better channel to channel matching than more traditional side by side assembly techniques. This is a key parameter for safety critical applications, says Allegro, where the output of the two sensors is compared to insure that the system is operating safely. Both the single and dual die versions of the A1330 are offered in a low profile, lead (Pb) free, 100% matt-tin leadframe plated eight-pin TSSOP.

Allegro MicroSystems develops, manufactures and markets high-performance semiconductors, serving high-growth applications within the automotive market, with additional focus on office automation, industrial, and consumer/communications solutions.

Allegro is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) with design, applications, and sales support centres located worldwide.

Allegro MicroSystems Europe is headquartered in Chertsey, United Kingdom, and is the European sales and marketing operation. It operates a network of representatives and distributors throughout Europe. There is a technical and marketing centre in Heidelberg in Germany, an engineering design centre in Edinburgh in Scotland and a technical and marketing centre in Annecy, France.


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