Angular position sensors from ZF Switches & Sensors are Hall-effect technology

Designers are now offered a range of angular position sensors based on Hall-effect technology by ZF Switches & Sensors. The manufacturer of electromechanical switches and sensors says the ANG series of sensors respond to magnetic fields generated by a (rare-earth) magnet. The ANG sensors provide a linear change in voltage output corresponding to the rotation of the actuator.

The ANG series of sensors are non-contact angular position sensors which provide a linear change in the voltage output corresponding to an angular rotation of the input shaft. One or two independent (non- or semi-redundant) outputs are available. The sensors offer rotation up to 360 degree, can replace potentiometers and have a 12-bit resolution. Custom programming is available for angle range, slope and pulse width modulation (PWM) output. The ZF Switches & Sensors’ ANG sensors are waterproof to IP68, have a temperature range from -40 to +140 degree. They also have wire termination. The compact design has no mechanical interface, meaning that there are no parts to wear out or jam.

Typical applications include position sensing, throttle-by-wire, steering, gear selection, and outboard trim sensing on industrial vehicles, fork lift trucks and agricultural trailer hitching.

ZF Sensors & Switches has also released the AN1 sensors family. These angular position sensors have an integral magnet with sensor housing and mate with a Delphi Metri-Pak 150 connector. They offer a nominal rotational range of 120 degree  with counter-clockwise rotation. The sensors are mechanically tested to 10 million cycles, meet IP67 have an electrical operating range five to 85 degree C and operating temperature range from -40 to +125 degree.

The assembly is encapsulated, making it suitable for use in printing equipment and rough terrain applications, including farming machinery

Another sensor, released by ZF Sensors & Switches is the AN8 sensor. It is available with wire termination or Delphi Metri-Pak 150 connector. The IP67 rated device has an operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degree C, an angular rotation up to 360 degree and can be used to replace potentiometers. There is no mechanical interface which ensures high reliability, says ZF, as there are no parts to wear out or jam.

Applications include fork lift truck position sensing, steering-by-wire and foot pedal control of throttle and brake for golf and utility carts

The final model in the ZF angular position sensor range is the AN9 which offers redundancy for safety-critical applications an angular rotation of up to 360 degree, wire termination, IP67 rating and an operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degree C.

Applications that need redundancy for safety is the steering column of forklifts where the rotation angle of the steering column needs to be detected to justify the wheel position of the vehicle. Other applications include steer-by-wire, position sensing and foot pedals for throttle and brake control.


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