Anritsu offers MT8862A to evaluate IEEE802.11ac WLAN devices

The wireless connectivity test set MT8862A from Anritsu offers an efficient, accurate and economical means to measure internet of things (IoT) devices.

The MT8862A wireless connectivity test set is an integrated one-box test set specifically for testing 802.11 WLAN (wireless local area network) devices. The MT8862’s features built-in communications protocols, to verify the performance of WLAN devices in their operating state.

The MT8862A is claimed to be the first test equipment of its kind to support all IEEE802.11ac/n/a/g/b standards. The MT8862A uses the Network Mode to measure the performance of the target WLAN device under test (DUT) in the operating state. RF performance characteristics, such as Tx power and Rx sensitivity (PER), can be measured using this Network Mode, which helps the configuration of a simpler test environment and eliminates the need for dedicated vendor-provided test modes required for WLAN device inspections.

Generally, WLAN measuring instruments for manufacturing inspections use a special inspection test mode for measurement that requires a physical control line connection between the WLAN devices and measuring instrument. The evaluation results are therefore not a true reflection of the actual performance, because the measured WLAN device performance is analysed using physical connection with a control line, without considering the effect of the internal wireless antennae. Anritsu’s current MT8860C model, which is used for these analyses, has a network mode, yet it does not support IEEE802.11ac standard. Anritsu therefore developed the MT8862A model implementing support for the IEEE802.11ac network mode.

The Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A is suitable for measuring the RF TRx characteristics at design and quality assurance of WLAN devices. It has built-in WLAN protocol messaging as standard for network mode for measurement by connection with the DUT. The MT8862A is operated using a web browser from a control PC connected via Ethernet, which simplifies measurement set-up and eliminates configuration work. Remote control is also supported when the MT8862A and PC controller are inside the same network.


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