AOI range combines 3D and 2D inspection

Described as its most advanced optical head, Mek (Marantz Electronics), has announced the GTAz, available on its PowerSpector and SpectorBox range of AOI machines.

The GTAz delivers true stereoscopic imaging using its nine high speed (90frame/s) cameras operating in 24bit colour. According to the company, the head removes the need for expensive capture cards using Thunderbolt2 20Gbyte/s transfer speeds and full frame transfer. 3D from nine camera views allows the user to see the side of components rather than view extruded 2D images from single camera systems. The result is a combination of 3D features, such as verification of body height, tilt and co-planarity, along with the 2D fast programming advantages and pin height and solder meniscus profile analysis, component presence/absence, polarity, value, angle, offset, colour, extra part detection, solder ball detection and short detection.

Using the nine cameras, the image differentials are merged and a vectorised map of the component is created, then analysed based on the programmer’s applied tolerances. This Selective 3D methodology requires no active light projection, and is less costly than other 3D solutions and compact enough to be deployed in desktop systems, says the company.

Line Sourced DOAL (direct on axis lighting) coaxial lighting system with high resolution telecentric optics enable the inspection of solder joints without shadow effects from tall components, as well as accurate inspection model building, says the company. Omni-directional, multi-angle, multi colour LED lighting illuminates, regardless of component direction.

The modular bottom up/top down SpectorBox GTAz is optimised for the inspection of THT solder joints and the detection of solder bridges and solder balls.


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