Aprisa 21.R1 meets process nodes down to 4nm

Siemens Digital Industries Software has issued the latest Aprisa IC place and route software. Aprisa 21.R1 targets faster time-to-market with performance improvements

Siemens has collaborated closely with leading foundries to enable Aprisa for advanced nodes. Aprisa is fully certified for 6nm processes, and Siemens has implemented all required design rules and features for the design enablement of 5nm and 4nm nodes. Final certifications, in collaboration with the world’s leading foundry partners, are in progress.

Further enhancements include two times faster runtime, 60 per cent reduction in memory footprint and new features that enable designs at advanced nodes, including 6nm, 5nm and 4nm.

Since completing the acquisition of the Aprisa portfolio in December 2020, Siemens has more than doubled the Aprisa R&D team as part of a substantial investment in the Aprisa technology portfolio.

The latest release of Aprisa targets advanced technology nodes and includes an average full-flow runtime reduction of 30 per cent, compared to the previous release, and up to two times faster runtimes for larger, more challenging designs.

Enhancements range from placement optimisation to clock tree synthesis (CTS) optimisation, route optimisation and timing analysis. Although these benefit all IC designs, they are particularly helpful on large designs with complicated multi-corner multi-mode (MCMM) features, advises Siemens. On these challenging designs, Aprisa has proven to run up to two times faster than the previous generation, the company reports.

There is also up to 60 per cent memory footprint reduction, 30 per cent reduction on full-flow peak memory usage for large designs, and up to 60 per cent reduction for complex designs, compared to the previous generation. This greater efficiency enables even larger designs with complicated MCMM to be completed on servers with less available RAM.

There is also extended support for multi-power domain (MPD). The extended functionalities increase the flexibility and completeness of MPD support, which is critical for extreme low power designs.


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