Automotive LED lighting controller eliminates internal MOSFET

Believed to be the first three-channel, high-side, linear, automotive, light-emitting diode (LED) controller without internal MOSFETs, the TPS92830-Q1’s novel architecture enables higher power and better thermal dissipation than conventional LED controllers, claims Texas Instruments. The company adds that the LED controller is therefore particularly beneficial for automotive LED lighting applications that require high performance and reliability.

Conventional LED drivers integrate the MOSFET, which limits designers’ ability to customise features, explains Texas Instruments. The TPS92830-Q1 LED controller’s flexible on-board features give designers the freedom to select the best MOSFET for their system requirements. Designers can more quickly and efficiently optimise lighting power designs for automotive system requirements and desired dimming features.

The on-chip pulse-width modulation (PWM) generator or PWM input enables flexible dimming, says Texas Instruments. Designers can use either the analogue control or PWM to manage an output current of more than 150mA per channel, to power automotive rear combination lamps and daytime running lights.

By pairing the LED controller with an external MOSFET, the designer can achieve the required high power output while distributing the power across the controller and MOSFET to avoid system overheating. By retaining linear architecture, the TPS92830-Q1 provides improved EMI and EMC performance, claims Texas Instruments.

Protection and built-in open and short detection features in the TPS92830-Q1 help designers meet original equipment manufacturer system reliability requirements. The output current derating feature protects the external MOSFET under high voltage conditions to ensure system reliability.

Support tools include the TPS92830-Q1 three-channel high-current linear LED controller evaluation module. Engineers can jump-start automotive lighting systems designs using the TPS92830-Q1 with the EMC Compliant Automotive Daytime Running Light and Position Light Reference Design with LED thermal protection.

The TPS92830-Q1 is now available through the Texas Instruments and authorised distributors, in a thin small outline package (TSOP).


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