Automotive SiC MOSFETs support high frequency designs

Intended for use in automotive, renewable energy and data centre power systems, SiC MOSFETs from ON Semiconductor support efficient, small form factor, rugged and cost-effective high frequency designs in industrial and automotive applications.

The industrial grade NTHL080N120SC1 and AEC-Q101 automotive grade NVHL080N120SC1 1200V, 80 mOhm SiC MOSFETs combine high power density with highly efficient operation, says ON Semiconductor, to significantly reduce operating costs while its small footprint can reduce overall system size. As a result, less thermal management is required, which reduces the bill of materials, size and weight.

The NTHL080N120SC1 and NVHL080N120SC1 can be used in automotive DC/DC and onboard charger applications for electric vehicles as well as solar, and uninterruptible and server power supplies.

According to ON Semiconductor, the MOSFETs have low leakage current and a fast intrinsic diode with low reverse recovery charge, which gives steep power loss reduction. They also support high frequency operation, power density and low Eon and Eoff / fast turn on and off combined with low forward voltage to reduce total power losses to cut cooling requirements. Low device capacitance supports the ability to switch at very high frequencies to reduce EMI and characteristics such as high surge, avalanche capability and short circuit protection increase reliability.

ON Semiconductor adds that the SiC MOSFETs’ patented termination structure enhances operational stability.

The NVHL080N120SC1 has been designed to withstand high surge currents and offers high avalanche capability and robustness against short circuits. The AEC-Q101 qualification makes them suitable for in-vehicle applications and powertrains. Operating temperature is +175 degrees C, making them suitable for use in automotive and other applications where high density and space constraints raise typical ambient temperatures.

ON Semiconductor supplies energy efficient, power management, analogue, sensors, logic, timing, connectivity, discrete, SoC and custom devices. Its customers are in the automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, medical, aerospace and defence markets. 

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