Battery-free switches simplify smart buildings with energy harvesting

Flexible, wireless switching to control building environments without the cost of supplying and installing cables to switch points, or regularly having to replace batteries, is offered with energy harvesting switches, says ZF.

Its multi-pushbutton module can connect lighting, heating and ventilation, door opening, alarms and hi-tech systems without cabling. It eliminates the need for embedding cables in walls or the use of cable trunking and external power requirements.

The energy harvesting switches may be supplied as simple to install complete systems or in a number of component forms for OEM system integration. They support a range of wireless standards including ZF proprietary, ZigBee, GreenPower, KNX or customer specific protocols if required.

The multi-pushbutton switch module can adapt to living or control requirements, and can be configured to turn a light on and off one day and change the function to become a door opener on another. Users can decide what function the switch will perform and where it will be positioned in a building and change it at any later time with minimum effort. Home decor, office or factory layout can be designed without worrying about where to position control switches as they can be relocated at any time as required without damage to the fabric of the building. Multi-function systems to dim lights, control blinds or heating systems can be preconfigured from a single switch, located in the most convenient place for the user.


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