Broadband blocking are surface mount for stability across the bandwidth

Broadband blocking components are available from Knowles. The DLI Xtreme Broadband Blocking range includes the new PX range for DC blocking applications up to 40GHz, as well as exisiting parts, such as Opti-Cap, Milli-Cap, MLC broadband blocks and RF blocking networks.

The PX series targets DC blocking in a variety of applications, namely semiconductor data communications, receiver optical sub-assemblies, trans-impedance amplifiers and test equipment. It adds to the exisiting OptiCap, which provides DC blocking performance from 16kHz to 40GHz, with a surface mount, low cost block that exhibits broadband performance, low insertion loss, low frequency stability and excellent return loss across the wide bandwidth.

It has been developed to complement the existing MilliCap and OptiCap broadband devices but in a more shallow profile. Rated at 16V DC from -55 to +125 degree C, the PX series ultra-broadband capacitors initially feature a 0402 case size and X7R dielectric characteristics at 100 nF – a 0201 sized version, currently available in MiliCap  and OptiCap series, will follow shortly, says the company. This smaller package size makes for easier pick and place assembly, whilst not compromising on the bandwidth performance.

The capacitors are available with Sn/Ni terminations as standard for high volume solder assembly.


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