Capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensors are pc-mount 

Adding a PC board mount module to its HSHCAL series of capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensors, Alps Electric responds to the trend for sensing functions to be integrated into home appliances, such as air purifiers, refrigerators and air-conditioning systems, to sense temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light, to improve energy-saving performance as well as to enhance convenience.

Such sensors are now digital, rather than conventional analogue ones and must be installed in an optimal location inside the appliance to be able to perform more accurate measurement. In many cases, that is away from the main circuit board and the sensor should be mounted to a separate PC board.

In response, the company has developed the HSHCAL101B. This is a module consisting of an HSHCAL capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensor mounted to a PC board. As well as being easy to install in an optimum position, the company says that it helps to eliminate the step of preparing a separate board.

The sensor part of the module employs a cover structure for protection from dust, dirt and other foreign matter, and the component terminal is covered in moisture-proof film. In addition, I²C interface support and a built-in connector allow easy wiring to the main board.

The HSHCAL sensors use the company’s MEMS process technology for a compact size (24 x 16 x 6.5mm) and low profile. It works in 100 per cent relative humidity (dew point) and achieves high temperature sensing precision of ± five per cent. The sensor also houses an ASIC for temperature characteristic compensation, to simplify surrounding circuits inside the equipment.


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