Computing moves closer to sensor operation for IoT

Intel announced the latest Atom Processor E3900 series at the IoT Solutions World Congress.

The Atom E3900 series a compact form factor, within which customers can achieve new levels of security, determinism, and image and video processing power, says the company, for IoT applications across industrial, video, manufacturing, retail and more.

The Atom E3900 series enables many of the processing needs to take place at, or near, the data sensor, alleviating the need to push all processing to the data centre, explains the company.

There are significant downsides to sending data to a server for analysis, in, for example traffic cameras and sensor data. Losses due to video compression and time spent in travel can be incurred, to be weighed against the ability to process data at the device.

In the automotive industry, the software-defined cockpit, edge computing capability can allow a single system to drive the digital gauges, navigation, and advance driver assist functions. It is important that backup sensors, bird’s-eye view parking or side collision alter function in a reliable response time, regardless of what the media or navigation system is doing at that time.

The Atom E3900 has more than 1.7 times more computing power over the previous generation, to enable faster memory speeds and memory bandwidth for the processing capability needed for edge to cloud network computing.

Using 14nm technology, it is offered in a compact flip chip BGA for where scalable performance, space and power are at a premium. In the IoT, these include improved 3D graphics for media rich applications. The E3900 series has four vector image processing units, resulting in better visibility, quality video in low light, noise reduction, and colour and detail preservation.

Faster connections keep devices in sync, using Intel Time Coordinated Computing Technology to co-ordinate and synchronises peripherals and networks of connected devices. By synchronising clocks inside the SoC and across the network, the technology can achieve network accuracy to within a microsecond, says the company.

Intel also announced the Intel Atom processor A3900 series, specifically for automotive-grade, in-vehicle experiences, promising more details in 2017.


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