Congatec’s Type 7 Server-on-Modules anticipates COM Express 3.0 specification

Embedded computer module manufacturer, congatec, welcomes the PICMG release of the COM Express 3.0 specification, saying that the revision 3.0 of the specification formally integrates the new Type 7 pinout type which is the basis for congatec’s Server-on-Modules.

The official release begins the race to a new generation of server designs based on standardised Server-on-Modules, believes the company. They enable the most cost- efficient server designs and performance upgrades across all existing and upcoming generations of server class processors and sockets from any vendor, it adds. Modular server designs can be started instantly as modules, carrier boards, starter kits, design guides and circuit schematics are readily available.

An example set to benefit from the specification server farms. They need constant upgrades to improve the performance and energy efficiency per rack. With the new Server-on-Modules, says the company, operators can execute these upgrades by simply exchanging standardised modules instead of complete and expensive server boards or even rack systems. Cloudlets, edge and fog severs as well as any kind of data centre servers tasked with delivering constantly improved rack performance at lower prices, will also benefit from Server-on-Modules, it says.

Server-on-Modules are also found in the various embedded and IoT server designs in harsh industrial environments, where space is restricted and dedicated high-bandwidth interfaces are needed to connect controls. Here, Server-on-Modules can improve design efficiency, advocates cognatec. This is of major significance for embedded design engineers, who face challenges to constantly manage more projects within short time frames. Server-on-Modules can deliver the vital design efficiency improvements by providing an application ready server core instead of only a handful of individual components.

COM Express Type 7 Server-on-Modules, carrier boards and starter kits can be requested by customers for the evaluation of the new generation of modules. congatec’s recent Server-on-Module designs offer server-grade performance and functionality with their Intel Xeon D processors, two 10GbE and 32 PCIe lanes.

The latter can be used for powerful intrasystem expansions such as GPGUs and NVMe-based fast storage devices as well as multi-module configurations on one single carrier board for high performance computing (HPC) designs.


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