Conrad embraces Industry 4.0 with LineMetrics’ C-Control Industrial IoT-Box 100 

Able to provide real-time monitoring, with cloud service connectivity for industrial applications, the C-Control Industrial IoT-Box 100 monitors a variety of parameters for manufacturing facilities.

Conrad Business Supplies, in co-operation with LineMetrics, offers the C-Control Industrial IoT-ox 100. It enables the use of sensor data for ongoing process optimisation, efficiency improvements or preventing potential problems on-site.

C-Control Industrial IoT-Box 100 monitors in real-time the operation of equipment, energy consumption in buildings, oil tank levels, room temperature in offices or any combination of several different sensor values, wherever placed, in small or large businesses. It is, says distributor Conrad, the first convenient solution that allows connection and a complete digital overview of machine functions, buildings or manufacturing plants.

The C-Control Industrial IoT consists of powerful hardware, communication and cloud services, easing IoT implementation. Businesses are able to launch a scalable monitoring system/network without vast IT investment and programming effort.

There are eight universal inputs (0 to 10V) and Modbus RTU 485 support, to record sensor data at high speed. The data is transferred to the C-Control Industrial IoT Cloud via the mobile network. The pre-activated SIM card and global GSM coverage mean connectivity is seamless, allowing customers to concentrate on optimising and evaluating the data, says Conrad.

There is a choice of several hundred compatible sensors, and Conrad is confident that it offers the right sensor for every application and, if necessary, for expanding the sensor network.

The C-Control Industrial IoT Cloud is powered by LineMetrics. Real objects are displayed digitally and additional information can be easily added, says the company. In this way, the petrol level of a tank, its location, volume, serial number, filling material, documents and other instructions, can be stored together. All the acquired data is available 24/7.

Measured values enable a more comprehensive analysis, as influencing factors are visible (i.e. area measurements when comparing the energy consumption of two branches).

Alarms, based on freely definable threshold values, help to recognise, and avoid, problems at an early stage.

The acquired data can be further processed via open interfaces in existing IT systems.

The C-Control Industrial IoT Cloud is also integrated into the Conrad Connect meta cloud. Users can display captured data in dashboards and process it according to their own rules. It allows the monitoring in various ways, such as for the detection of a fault in a system, for measuring energy consumption or the fill level in tanks.


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