Controllers have live update capability

Live-updateable dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) from Microchip offer up to 128kbyte of dual-partition flash memory. The dsPIC33EP128GS808 family have live-update capability, advanced analogue features and enhanced Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) suitable for high-end digital power applications such as AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, power inverters and advanced lighting applications.

They offer high-resolution PWMs (pulse width modulators) optimised for digital power applications. They also include advanced analogue features and peripherals, says the company. There are five separate high-speed 12bit ADC modules, each with 300ns conversion latency. Up to 22 input channels are shared across these five ADC units. There are also four analogue comparators, each with their own dedicated 12bit reference DAC, and two programmable gain amplifiers to reduce external component count.

New features include a peripheral trigger generator which is a user-programmable state machine that can respond to events faster than a firmware-driven implementation while off-loading the processor for other tasks. A four-channel direct memory access (DMA) unit increases the controller’s overall system performance. Configurable logic cells can be used to create combinatorial PWM (pulse width modulation) signals for advanced applications or to minimise the need for external glue logic in the design. They also contain up to two CAN communication interfaces for automotive and industrial applications.

The 14 additions to the family of dsPIC DSCs are offered in TQFP, QFN and SOIC package options with 28-, 44-, 48-, 64-, and 80pin variants. They are supported by the company’s free Digital Compensator Design Tool (DCDT), advanced SMPS libraries, evaluation platforms and reference designs. The dsPIC33EP128GS808 family is also supported by the MPLAB ecosystem including the MPLAB X IDE and XC16 compiler.


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