Coto Technology releases RedRock TMR analogue sensor to shrink packages

Coto Technology releases RedRock RR110, a wafer-based Tunneling Magnetoresistive (TMR)-based analogue sensor, with high sensitivity in a small package.

The RedRock RR110 wafer-based TMR analogue sensor offers strong magnetic sensitivity, high directionality, small package size, and a highly-competitive price, says Coto Technology. The RR110 analogue sensor is suited to continuous fluid measurement applications including countertop appliances, white goods, utility meters, medical devices, security and anti-tampering applications, industrial positioning, and other proximity sensing applications.

It takes minimal design effort, says Coto Technology, for the RR110 to replace a complicated, costly, and vulnerable bare-glass reed switch ladder like those often seen in fluid level sensing applications with a single sensing element. The highly linear response of the RR110 provides reliable functionality with a range of magnets across wide activation distances. The sensor features high resistance to shock and vibration, and the industry standard SOT-23 package provides a ruggedised housing that allow it to operate in harsh environments. The same SOT-23 packaging ensures that it is suitable for automated pick and place operations.

The Coto Technology RedRock RR110-A111-00 TMR analogue magnetic sensor is immediately available. An evaluation kit (the RR1EK2-0001) is also available directly through Coto. The kit contains a motherboard with both an RR110 and RR130 mounted at opposite ends, a magnet, and other accessories, and full documentation.

Coto’s RedRock line of TMR sensors and switches also includes the RR120 Series digital sensor and the RR130 Series digital switch, each catering to the needs of advanced magnetic sensing applications.  They offer high sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption in the same industry standard packaging as the RR110.

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