Current sensing resistors reduce footprint

Proprietary technology enables very low resistance values. Thin film resistors for sensing and measurement of DC and AC currents in the sub 3A range have been announced by TT Electronics.

According to the company, the LCS series brings precision thin film resistor performance into the field of low ohmic values for use accurate current sensing applications. Most thin film chips have a minimum value in the range of one to 10Ohm, but a proprietary technology extends this down to 100mOhm. The resistors also feature low sensitivity to temperature variations.

Aimed at designers of power supplies, battery monitoring, process control and point of load converters, the resistors can be used industrial, medical, instrumentation and IT sectors.

Preciion is ±0.5% and ±50ppm/°C. The company concedes that there some thin film chip products below one Ohm that use the nickel phosphorus material for low value films, the resistors deliver lower TCRs (temperature co-efficient of resistance) in the hundreds of milliOhms range.

Available in five sizes from 0603 to 2512, the resistors have high power ratings, e.g. 1W for 2512, which is comparable to thick film ratings. This also enables smaller footprints to be used, points out the company. They also feature anti-sulphur terminations.


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