DC/DC converter increases BoostLynx family’s load capacity

Building on its portfolio of DC/DC boost converters, GE Industrial Solutions has added the ABXS003A3X341-SRZ, a high voltage version, and the ABXS005A4X341-SRZ, the low voltage model. The ABXS003A3X341-SRZ and ABXS005A4X341-SRZ increase the load capacity of the BoostLynx family to up to 130W.

The 130W BoostLynx modules can convert a standard 12V bus voltage (which supports an input voltage range of eight to 16V) to higher voltages of 16 to 34V with GE’s low-voltage ABXS005 version and to between 32 to 54V with the high-voltage ABXS003. The DC/DC converters join GE’s previously announced 65W versions to provide more options for board designers faced with ever-evolving power challenges.

The BoostLynx converters—also known as point-of-load (PoL) modules—can be used to power any component with an operating voltage between 16 to 54V. For example, the PoL modules could be used in applications such as small-cell remote radio heads, radio frequency power amplifiers, LED backlighting, solenoids and actuators in machinery and automation, fans, surveillance cameras and equipment, sensors and robotics.

Vesa Jokitulppo, senior product manager, GE’s Industrial Solutions, points out: “Improving power capabilities and efficiencies of these solutions starts at the board level. By designing embedded components to provide more power and perform better in similar (or, in some cases, smaller) footprints, we are able to help improve the functionality of the end solutions that we have all become so dependent on. It’s what we set out to accomplish with these additions to our BoostLynx product family—which is now able to power any electronic components with an operating voltage of between 16 to 54V.”

GE’s fully integrated BoostLynx DC/DC converters use minimal board space, enabling them to provide a high power density of approximately 125W/inch2. The modules also save space and costs when paired with one of GE’s CLP 150 to 450W rectifiers (with an input voltage of between 90 to 264V and an output voltage of 12V), as electronic components with both 0.6 to 5.5V and 16 to 54V operating voltages can now be powered from a common 12V bus—with a combination of buck and boost PoL converters.

The modules’ flat top inductors make them suitable for conduction cooling which is desirable in applications with little or no airflow or in demanding thermal environments, and their IPC9592 Class II qualification helps ensure high reliability.

Jokitulppo adds: “With our new BoostLynx offerings, we are able to provide increased power capabilities without having to overhaul power architectures by stepping up standard 12V power to the voltage needed in these power-hungry devices”.

GE’s new ABXS003 and ABXS005 BoostLynx converters are available now.



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