Dengrove adds Recom’s compact, efficient AC/DC modules for IoT

Encapsulated RAC AC/DC power supply modules by Recom are now available from Dengrove Electronic Components. They are, says the company, particularly suitable for space-constrained applications that need great light-load efficiency and low standby power. They target industrial controls, the IoT infrastructure, smart building devices, and household appliances.

The range comprises 5.0, 10, 15 and 20W options. Built-in filters bring them comfortably within EMC Class B limits with no additional external components required.

The 5W single-output RAC05-K measures just 25 x 25mm (1.0 x 1.0-inch) and offers optional standard output voltages of 3.3, 5.0V, 12, 15 or 24V. With low no-load consumption of 75mW, and high light-load efficiency, the RAC05-K series is suitable for powering always-on devices that have short periods of peak activity, such as control equipment, IoT gateways, or wireless sensors.

The 50 x 25mm (2.0 x 1.0-inch) RAC10-K is available in either single-output or dual-output versions, and with the additional choice of ±12V or ±15V. The RAC15-K and RAC20-K power supply modules feature an advanced design with next-generation efficiency, to pack up to 20W of output capability within the same footprint, adds Dengrove. They are available now with 5V DC output, and with a full range of single DC outputs up to 48V and ±12V or ±15V dual outputs.

With long hold-up time of 60ms for the RAC-05 models, and 90ms for the higher-power versions, all power supply modules ensure a stable supply for sensitive equipment even when the AC-input power quality is poor.

The easy-to-use modules are through-hole mounted, consuming minimal board real-estate. A wired option for the 20W series gives the added flexibility of off-board positioning. Their universal 85 to 305V AC input allows use anywhere in the world, and conformity with the IECEE CB Scheme ensures acceptance by national certification bodies of major markets worldwide.

All models are EU ErP compliant, and the 15 and 20W versions are optimised for low standby power meeting the EU’s ENER Lot 6 eco-design rules for air-conditioning and ventilation systems. No-load consumption of just 40mW (typical) makes them ideal for many other industrial or home-electricals applications.

The modules are also fully certified to the latest UL/IEC/EN62368-1 safety standard, as well as the outgoing UL/IEC/EN60950-1, which helps designers manage the transition period before 60950-1 is withdrawn.

All outputs are protected including over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection with hiccup mode and auto-recovery/restart. All modules comply with reinforced insulation specifications and have 3kV input-to-output isolation voltage – up to 4kV in the 10 to 20W models – to satisfy safety specifications for industrial, AV, ITE, and domestic products.

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