Editor is added to design tool for vehicle ECU function test

Editor is added to design tool for vehicle ECU function test: To determine the right test case in testing vehicle engine control unit (ECU) software, Vector has added a graphical editor for the Classification Tree Method to Version 2.1 of the vTESTstudio test design tool. The method helps both OEM and supplier test designers to reduce the number of test cases to what is relevant, for test efficiently.

The complexity of the software prohibits testing the behaviour of vehicle ECUs in all conceivable scenarios as the number of potential input values for an ECU function is extensive. vTESTstudio 2.1 makes it possible to identify the test cases that must be covered at a minimum in order to uncover as many errors as possible in the system under test (SUT). A graphical editor, based on the Classification Tree Method, is a systematic method to determine redundancy-free error-sensitive test cases.

All aspects that are relevant for a test, i.e. classifications (for example, vehicle speed) are collected in the graphical interface of the editor. The input data range can be so large that complete test coverage of all values is not realistic, therefore the value range of each classification is sub-divided into equivalence classes.

Expected values, for example, door locking mechanism closed/open, can be added to manually or automatically create combinations of representatives of classifications to make them into complete test vectors. The test cases defined in this way are then executed automatically in real-time in CANoe, the Vector software tool for developing and testing ECUs. Detailed reports are then created.

Editor is added to design tool for vehicle ECU function test


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