Embedded NAND flash memories meet AEC-Q100 Grade2 requirements

JEDEC eMMCTM Version 5.1-compliant embedded NAND flash memories supporting AEC-Q100 Grade2 requirements have been announced by Toshiba Electronics Europe. Samples are shipping now, with mass production scheduled for Q2 2017.

 Offering densities of eight, 16, 32 and 64Gbyte, they integrate NAND chips fabricated with 15nm process technology and a controller to manage basic control functions for NAND applications in a single package. They complement the company’s earlier eMMC products, operating at -40 to +85 degree C required by car infotainment applications, these memories support applications such as instrument clusters that require eMMC storage solutions to operate at higher temperatures up to +105 degree C.

 The company is also developing automotive universal flash storage (UFS) products that support the automotive qualification, AEC-Q100.

 They handle functions such as writing block management, error correction and driver software. According to the company, it also simplifies system development, allowing manufacturers to minimise development costs and speed up time to market for new and upgraded products. New features standardised in JEDEC eMMC Version 5.1, such as BKOPS control (where the host allows the device to perform background operation when the device is idle), cache barrier, cache flushing report, large RPMB write and command queuing, are applied to the new products.



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