Enhancements add live profiling and code coverage

Enhancements to J-Trace Pro and Ozne debuggers add continuous trace, endless streaming and live analysis of application trace data for ARM Cortex-M projects.

Analysis data is taken from firmware running on the intended target hardware, making it the most effective tool for code coverage and code profiling, claims Segger.

 The continuous stream of trace data provided by J-Trace Pro permits complete code coverage analysis over unlimited periods of time. This captures even the most intermittent application failures, whether they occur within hours or over the span of many days. The live trace is a non-intrusive data collection method that uses ARM’s Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM). There is no need for code instrumentation to be included.

 The new real-time trace and analysis capabilities of J-Trace Pro can be visualised using the Ozone debugger. Execution counters are displayed in line with the code and can be tracked down to the instruction level. The counters are updated live in real-time. Code coverage is also shown, indicating code sections, which may never execute.

 J-Trace Pro debugs and verifies multi-tasking code behaviour. The trace can expose hidden code issues and inefficiencies to identify parts of the code which may benefit most from performance optimisations.

 The Ozone debugger also exports gathered trace information, which enables offsite analysis and as evidence with code certification.



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