EZ-PD CCG3PA controller supports the PD 3.0 standard for faster charging

Cypress has streamlined the design of next-generation USB-C power adapters and chargers with the programmable EZ-PD CCG3PA controller to support Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 4.0.

Unveiled at Computex, Taipei, Taiwan this week, the USB-C controller with power delivery (PD) streamlines the design of power adapters, mobile chargers, car chargers and power banks.

The EZ-PD CCG3PA controller supports the PD 3.0 standard with programmable power supply (PPS) and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC) 4.0 protocol for faster charging. These standards and the USB Type-C standard continue to evolve, making compliance and interoperability a challenge. The programmable CCG3PA controller enables firmware upgradeability and to overcome interoperability issues. The controller offers a high level of integration that minimises bill of material (BoM) costs and simplifies designs, replacing multiple discrete components with a single chip, says Cypress.

As USB-C proliferates, the demand for USB-C power sources is expected to increase. The EZ-PD CCG3PA controller minimises BoM costs for USB-C power source products by integrating error amplifiers for constant voltage, constant current and PPS applications. There is a 30V regulator that allows direct operation from VBUS, VBUS short protection on configuration channel (CC) pins, gate drivers for high-voltage power field effect transistors (FETs), a low-side current sense amplifier, and dedicated hardware for legacy charger detection protocols, with system level electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Programmable over-voltage and over-current circuitry protects against power overloads and other faulty operating conditions, adds Cypress. The controller also integrates an ARM Cortex-M0 and 64kbyte flash with read-while-write function for firmware upgradeability. The controller enables the design of efficient USB-C power adapters for a range of applications including mobile phones and personal computers (PCs).

The EZ-PD CCG3PA controller is sampling now in a 24-pin QFN package, measuring 16mm², and 16-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC), also measuring 60mm² packages. The controller will be in production in the third quarter of 2017. Cypress also offers the CY4532 CCG3PA evaluation kit, with reference designs for a 45W notebook PC power adapter, a 27W mobile phone charger, a 60W car charger and a power bank.



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