Female headers guarantee contact in critical conditions

Precision female headers from W+P Products, the series 153 and 1531 are reliable, says the company, even under critical external conditions, the safe contact to the pin header is guaranteed.

Special features can be realised by the design of the precision contacts. A machined sleeve with a six-finger clip guarantees an all-around contacting of the pin header. The contacts are turned into a cylindrical form on a high-speed turning machine during manufacture. Into this brass sleeve, a six-finger clip, made of beryllium-copper is mounted into the head of the sleeve. The contacting point is located in the upper third of the plug-in area. In contrast to stamped contacts, the precision contacts make a safe connection to rectangular pins as well as round pins. To further increase the quality of the connection, pin headers can be used with electro-strictioned contacts as the counterpart to be plugged in.

The two series comprise single and double row female headers in pitches of 2.54mm and as solderable and SMT-versions. The beryllium-copper clip has tin-plated or gold-plated surface options to accommodate 0.65 to 0.85mm round pins or 0.635mm rectangular pins. The contact resistance is less than 10mOhm, the current load capacity is 3A. Safe functioning is guaranteed in a temperature range from -55 to +125°C.



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