GaN transistors for wireless basestations are plastic-packaged

For use in macro wireless basestations, two power transistors from Macom Technology Solutions add to the MAGb series of GaN on Silicon power transistors.

The MAGb-101822-240B0P and MAGb-101822-120B0P are based on the company’s Gen4 GaN technology. The company says they harness the benefits of GaN in rugged, low-cost plastic packaging, to improve cost efficiencies.

The plastic TO-272-packaged transistors provide 320 and 160W output peak power, in the load-pull system with fundamental tuning only. They cover all cellular bands and power levels within the 1.8 to 2.2GHz frequency range. Transistors operate over 400MHz to preclude the need to use multiple LDMOS-based products, claimed to further optimise cost and design efficiencies.

Power efficiency is up to 79% – an improvement of up to 10% compared to LDMOS offerings, points out the company, with only fundamental tuning across the 400MHz RF bandwidth, and with linear gain of up to 20dB. The transistors are an alternative to ceramic-packaged devices without compromise on RF performance or reliability, says the company. It also says thermal behavior is improved by 10% compared to ceramic-packaged MAGb offerings.

The transistors enable the implementation of a simple symmetric Doherty amplifier design while maintaining RF performance. Doherty amplifier implementations show the same level of DPD friendliness as LDMOS-based solutions.


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