Gap filler is like gel to improve cooling, says Fujipoly

A thermal interface material (TIM) developed by Fujipoly America is a gel-like gap filler, claimed to improve cooling performance.

The Sarcon GR-Ae is a versatile, gel-like consistency thermal interface material that can be die cut to fit almost any shape electronic component. The gap filler pad is available in multiple thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 5.0mm and can be ordered in full sheets up to 200 x 300mm.

When sandwiched between heat-generating components and a heatsink, the soft Sarcon GR-Ae material gently fills air gaps that reduce the cooling performance of the heatsink. Once installed, this TIM delivers a thermal conductivity of 1.3 W/m•K with a thermal resistance as low as 0.50 degrees C in2/W.

Sarcon’s versatility in thermal management applications is doubly enhanced by way of the variety of end-use configurations possible, and the many standard material formulations available in each, says Fujipoly.

The silicone rubber based materials offer other useful elements such as electrical insulation, protective coverings and gasketing as integral features in most designs.

In the past, power and weight characteristics in electronics were mutually exclusive. Now, micro-electronics need thermal management components to further complement these objectives.
Sarcon is an advanced silicone rubber with high thermal conductivity and superior flame-retardancy, says Fujipoly. By combining the inherent silicone rubber properties of heat resistance, electrical insulation and long-term aging into one compound, this universally applicable material can be made in an unlimited
number of thermal management configurations.

Fujipoly America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Polymer Industries of Japan. An ISO9001:2008 registered company, Fujipoly America specialises in the fabrication of silicone rubber technology. It is a leader in the areas of Zebra elastomeric connectors, Sarcon thermal interface materials, fusible tapes, and custom silicone rubber extrusions. Fuji Polymer Industries has eight divisions worldwide, located in North America, Europe and Asia and an international network of distributors and representatives.

The company’s North American operations are based in Carteret, New Jersey.

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