Gap filler transfers heat and absorbs electromagnetic waves

Fujipoly has introduced a thermal interface material that also absorbs a wide range of unwanted electromagnetic energy. The tacky, gel-like consistency of Sarcon EGR-11F makes it easy to handle and apply without requiring additional adhesive, says Fujipoly. When placed on top of a heat source, such as an IC chip, the compliant material fills any unwanted air gaps, allowing for more efficient transfer of heat to nearby components or heatsinks.

Sarcon EGR-11F also provides shielding effectiveness across a broad frequency spectrum while exhibiting a thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m degree K (ASTM D 2326) and a thermal resistance of 1.05 degree Cin2/W at 14.5 PSI.

The versatile material is available in three sheet thicknesses of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5mm and up to a maximum dimension of 300 x 200mm.

Sarcon EGR-11F can also be ordered in die-cut form to fit almost any application shape. Fujipoly says the material is well-suited for environments with operating temperatures that range from -30 to +120 degree C and exhibits a UL94 flame retardant rating of V-0. 

Fujipoly America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Polymer Industries of Japan. An ISO9001:2008 registered company, Fujipoly America specialises in the fabrication of silicone rubber technology. It supplies Zebra elastomeric connectors, Sarcon thermal interface materials, fusible tapes, and custom silicone rubber extrusions.

Fuji Polymer Industries has eight divisions worldwide, located in North America, Europe and Asia and an international network of distributors and representatives. The company’s North American operations are based in Carteret, New Jersey.

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