Green laser diode collimators increase brightness

Laser diode collimators and laser diode modules from the Optoelectronics Company now include a range of laser diode collimators incorporating Osram’s 520nm direct green laser diodes. They are designed for bright collimated laser light for ambient lighting conditions. Light in the green spectrum appears brighter and is perceived more easily by the human eye than red light of the same optical output power and laser safety class, says the company. Consequently, distance meters, rangefinders and levellers can be used with more safety over greater distances with a green laser diode rather than a red. Other applications include military alignment and targeting, medical and industrial alignment and industrial instrumentation.

The laser diodes consist of an Osram 520nm direct green laser diode, a laser diode holder, a collimating lens holder and an aspherical collimating lens. The aspheric design of the lens enables a single lens to replace complex, multiple component optical systems and provide a collimated beam. By adjusting the distance between the laser diode and the collimating lens, the factory-fixed beam can be set for a collimated or focused output to meet customer-specific requirements. The diodes provide brightness, standard 30mW optical output power and an elliptical output beam with a collimated beam diameter of only 3.5 x 1.0mm.  The collimators measure only 8mm in diameter and 9.6mm in length.

Customised versions can be manufactured to order.


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