Hybrid planar transformers reduce size and cost

Offer lower cost, smaller packages than traditional planar devices, the TPL-2516 series of hybrid planar transformers use a winding structure that allows for a greater copper fill factor than traditional planar transformers. This results in smaller overall package sizes, a low 16.51 mm maximum profile, and higher power density levels, says Vishay Intertechnology.

The 250W, full-bridge hybrid planar transformers can be used in avionics, industrial control, and alternative energy control applications. The winding technology also allows the parts to be easily and quickly modified for custom voltage / power applications with no upfront tooling charges to the customer.

Featuring a split primary design for efficient 120 or 380V operation, the TPL-2516 transformers are optimised for offline and PFC-derived switch mode power supplies and full-bridge / half-bridge converters. They are designed to meet MIL-PRF-27 requirements and feature over-moulded windings for rugged applications and are environmentally sealed for operation in harsh environments.

The TPL-2516 series features operating frequencies from 100 to 500kHz, power dissipation of 3.0W, rated current to 22.0A, leakage inductance down to 1.30microH, and minimal parasitic variation. Operating temperature range is -55 to +130 degree C, with power derating above +105 degree C.



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