Image DSPs include Irida Labs’ technologies

DSPs in the Cadence Tensilica Vision family now have IRIS-EnLight and IRIS-NoiseSweeper software by Irida Labs.

EnLight, low-light video software enhances videos and images taken in challenging lighting conditions and slow shutter speeds. It enhances the image and video contrast and intensity to restore the original colour content of the scene and features a scheme that reduces noise resulting from low-light perception of the image sensor.

NoiseSweeper software has also been ported to the DSPs to provide video quality and cleaner still-images. The software is targeted at image noise reduction for high-resolution still images. An automated noise profile estimation reduces calibration and shortens development time, says the company. It operates in a single frame and eliminates any motion-blurring phenomena associated with multi-frame techniques.

The DSPs are designed for the complex algorithms in imaging, video and computer vision applications including multi-frame image capture, video pre- and post-processing, object and face recognition and low-light enhancement.

The Irida Labs’ software lower power consumption, compared with common CPU and GPU implementations, says the company. Measurements indicate at least 10 times lower power consumption compared to a CPU implementation and five times lower power consumption compared to a GPU implementation.


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