Imaging technology brings floating images

Directions and other images appear to float in the air, courtesy of Omron Electronic Components Europe’s Aerial Imaging Technology.

The idea of images suspended mid-air has been seen on TV, in the forensic labs of CSI, but this technology is intended for shopping centres, transport terminals and other public locations.

The company’s Spatial Projection Display (SPD) technology enables images to be projected anywhere and appear to be floating in the air. Earlier space projection technologies have required a large number of distinct components and are relatively large systems, requiring substantial space to install. With Aerial Imaging, light directivity and micro-fabrication technology developed through by the company’s LCD display and backlighting businesses, allow images to be projected into empty space with just one sheet of plate and a single LED. The sheets are transparent, so are unobtrusive, thin and light for attaching to glass and other surfaces.

The company is initially supporting 2D and 3D images with SPD technology. In future, it will introduce curved plexiglass panels that can be adapted to objects with shaped surfaces.

Gabriele Fulco, European product marketing manager, Sensors of Omron said, “This is the future of signage. We believe that aerial imaging will become a commonly used feature of our cities and public spaces. For example, easy-to-understand signs can be placed floating in the air by exits making it easier for visitors to find their way. Aerial imaging can also project information in front of products on display in a showcase.”


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