Integration shrinks DC/DC step-down power modules

Input and output capacitors are eliminated when using the SWIFT power modules announced by Texas Instruments. This allows them to provide best transient performance for space-constrained applications, says the company.

The two 12V, 10A, 4MHz step-down power modules are 20 per cent smaller than any other 10A power module-based solution available today, says the company. The SWIFT TPSM84A21 and TPSM84A22 DC/DC modules integrate power MOSFETs, shielded inductors, input and output capacitors, and passives into a tiny, low profile footprint. The company claims that is provides industry-leading performance, with as little as one per cent overshoot in transient conditions without special magnetics or additional capacitors.

Using the SWIFT modules with the company’s WEBENCH Power Designer, engineers can get space-constrained PoL telecomms, networking, and test and measurement power-supply designs to market faster, claims the company.

Unlike other 10A step-down modules, the two modules require just one external voltage-setting resistor for a complete 12V step-down power solution. For an application such as powering tightly regulated FPGA rails, a typical 10A module would require up to 16 external capacitors. In comparison, the TPSM84A21 provides low output ripple due to the high switching frequency (4MHz) and integrated 185microfarads of output capacitance, which maintains regulation accuracy without any external capacitors.

The 9.0 x 15mm module and a single external voltage-setting resistor make up a footprint of 11 x 15mm, with a low profile of just 2.3mm.

The TPSM84A21 with a voltage output of 0.55 V to 1.35 V and the TPSM84A22 with a voltage output of 1.2 V to 2.0 V are available in volume now. The TPSM84A22 module will be demonstrated at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), March 27 to 29 in Tampa, Florida (booth 701).

TI will demonstrate the TPSM84A22 module in its booth (No. 701) at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), March 27-29 in Tampa, Florida.


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