Intelligent power modules run at 20kHz for appliances

Extending the SLLIMM nano series of Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) for motor drives, STMicroelectronics has added package options that help minimise overall size and complexity, more integrated features, and the latest-generation of 500V MOSFETs for energy efficiency.

Current rating is 1.0 or 2.0A, making them IPM suitable for applications up to 100W, such as refrigerator compressors, washing-machine or dishwasher motors, draining and recirculation pumps, fans, and other drives running at less than 20kHz in hard-switching circuitries. Operation up to 150 degree C allows their use in harsh environments.

The modules integrate a three-phase MOSFET bridge and gate-driver HVICs, with an unassigned op-amp and comparator for functions such as over-current protection and current sensing.

Additional built-in safety features include interlocking to prevent shoot-through currents from damaging MOSFETs of the bridge, a fault-status output, shutdown input, and smart-shutdown capability. An optional built-in thermistor helps simplify over-temperature protection.

In addition to the zig-zag lead option, the modules are also offered in a line-lead package, to simplify board layout and minimise controller size in mechatronic assemblies and other space-constrained applications.

The low MOSFET on-resistance of 3.6 and 1.7-Ohm, in 2.0 and 1.0A variants, respectively, combines with low switching losses. The MOSFETs have separate open-emitter connections to module pins, which simplifies use of three-shunt current sensing for field-oriented motor control (FOC) or single-shunt sensing for trapezoidal control, says the company. The modules also integrate the bootstrap diodes to control the high-side MOSFET gates, which minimizes demand for external components, says the company.

The STIPN1M50T-H, STIPN1M50-H, STIPN2M50T-H (L), and STIPN2M50-H are in production now.

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