Intertronics launch handheld dispensing valves for cyanoacrylate adhesives

Two dispensing valves from Intertronics are especially suitable for cyanoacrylate adhesives as well as other volatile and/or low viscosity materials such as ultra violet (UV) cure adhesives, solvents, varnishes, lacquers or inks. 

The IDM HDV-130 and IDM HDV-120 handheld diaphragm dispensing valves offer a lightweight handheld “pencil grip” design. This facilitates manual dispensing applications, explains Intertronics. They are an alternative to “pinch-tube” style dispensing pens and valves, and are claimed to provide improved accuracy, usability, and reliability.

Both the HDV-130 and the HDV-120 use proven diaphragm technology to control material flow. They may be fed from pressure pots, cartridges, syringes or even with a gravity feed, says Intertronic. The HDV-130 is pneumatically actuated, typically from a dispensing controller like the Fisnar SL101N which allows timed shots. The HDV-120 is actuated via a lever for simple manual control.

The valves’ all-plastic construction of wetted parts, including a patented silicone/PTFE diaphragm disk, means the valves are compatible with fluids such as cyanoacrylate and anaerobic adhesives, conformal coatings, solvents, oils and many other low-to-medium viscosity liquids. A stroke adjustment provides fine tune control of the fluid flow rate, and both valves accept industry standard Luer lock dispensing needles and tips, adds Intertronics.

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