ISOW7841 reinforced isolator from Texas Instruments boasts lowest emissions

Texas Instruments has introduced the ISOW7841, a single chip reinforced isolator with integrated power. It is claimed to offer 80 per cent higher efficiency than existing integrated devices. It is also claimed to have the industry’s most efficient power transfer, lowest radiated emissions and highest immunity, according to the company. The ISOW7841 reinforced isolator supports the operation of industrial systems, including factory automation, grid infrastructure, motor control, isolated power supplies, and test and measurement equipment.

The ISOW7841 integrates both isolated data and power, enabling a smaller bill of materials (BoM) and reduced board space, says Texas Instruments, and also makes system certification easier and faster.

The ISOW7841’s low power consumption reduces device operating temperature by up to 40 degrees C, enabling higher power delivery, higher channel count and longer system lifetime than other integrated solutions.

The single-chip reinforced isolator and DC/DC conversion in a single package minimises board space and cost for easier multi-channel system design, says Texas Instruments. A working voltage of 1.0kVrms helps provide improved system reliability and lifetime. The ISOW7841 supports an input voltage range of 3.0 to 5.5V, while delivering what is claimed to be an industry best 0.65W of output power.

The ISOW7841 improves system signal integrity by minimising system noise, with 10dB lower radiated emissions. It is also claimed to provide robust electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61000-4-x standards for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transient events. Additionally, the reinforced isolator offers the highest level of immunity available in the market today reducing the effect of noise and high-voltage events on the industrial equipment.

A three forward/one backward channel configuration is the first device in the ISOW78xx family; further devices are expected later in 2017.

Designers can evaluate the new reinforced isolator with the ISOW7841 evaluation module (ISOW7841EVM), available now. Engineers can also jump-start system design with the integrated signal and power reference designs for isolated RS-485 and RS-232. Another reference design is available to help integrate reinforced isolation and power in an industrial grid design.

The ISOW7841 reinforced isolator with integrated power is available in a 16-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) wide-body package.

The ISOW7841 can be seen by visitors to the Texas Instruments’ booth 701, at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Tampa, Florida, March 27-29, 2017.

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