Keysight Technologies prepares for 5G test with models to shorten time to market

Keysight Technologies has announced a solution for measuring, analysing and visualising the coverage generated by 5G basestations. The company has combined the Nemo Outdoor with FieldFox handheld radio frequency (RF) and microwave analysers.

Keysight believes that the combination enables mobile operators and network vendors to measure 5G radio propagation and coverage. The solution uses the Keysight Nemo Outdoor analytics tools to provide capabilities for visualising and post-processing data, enabling network equipment manufacturers and mobile operators to evaluate and verify 5G basestation propagation models for indicating 5G cellular coverage levels.

Mobile operators require extensive measurements and research to gather information about cellular mm-wave propagation in different radio environments, both indoor and in the field. Real-world 5G measurements allow operators to supplement and verify initial radio network plans and models.

Mobile operators are faced with the challenge of there currently being no 5G devices and very few 5G radio field measurement solutions available to verify that propagation models used in 5G network planning match reality.  Juha Laukkanen, director, drive test and benchmarking products, Keysight, explains: “Keysight’s solution, which combines Nemo Outdoor and FieldFox, offers users a unique tool to ensure that the accuracy of 5G planning models. Measuring signal power levels from 5G basestations in the field enables operators and network vendors to verify 5G propagation models, securing the deployment of the network and, ultimately, speeding up time-to-market.”

Keysight’s 5G RF measurement solution provides a measurement system for millimeter wave propagation, including the software and hardware needed to collect, post-process, analyse and visualise the data. In this way, statistical information can be generated that can easily be shared throughout an organisation, says Keysight.

The development of 5G depends on up-to-date tools that let designers easily explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. The combination of Keysight’s Nemo Outdoor with FieldFox enable field testing of 5G radio coverage to support early radio network planning.


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