Knowledge-based processors set levels

Believed to be the first 16nm knowledge-based processors (KBPs) for next-generation routers and switches, the BCM15000 (BCM15K) integrate TCAM, SRAM and algorithmic search technology to enable unprecedented levels of forwarding, classification and security for service provider routers and switches, says the company.

The heterogeneous KBP is designed for modern network infrastructure including core, edge and data center routers and switches. It delivers internet search speeds up to 7.2billion search/s and aggregate data transfer rates up to 1Tbit/s, which are improvements by a factor of eight and three, respectively, compared with previous generations.

To meet the expected demands of bandwidth-intensive applications such as cloud computing and video streaming, next-generation networks will need routers and switches that are capable of handling Tbit bandwidth and performing multi-billion packet search operation/s. To efficiently support these applications at these speeds, routers and switches will need a specialised, high performing KBP that has advanced Layer 2 to Layer 4 packet header processing capabilities.

The BCM15K improves core processing for IPv6 traffic by a factor of three. It has up to eight concurrent look-ups per packet and up to 1Tbit/s of I/O bandwidth based on Broadcom’s 25G SerDes technology.

There is support for customer ASICs and merchant NPUs using multiple interface protocols and the deterministic performance and low latency are independent of database or signature complexity.


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