Laser measurement sensor provides durability and precision

Featuring time-of-flight technology, Banner Engineerings’ LTF series of laser measurement sensors provide accurate distance measurements out to 12 metres.

By emitting a pulsed light, the LTF measures the amount of time for the light to reflect off the object and return to the sensor to calculate the distance. This enables sensing in long-range applications, including loop control, part presence or absence and fill level.

Designed with a Class 2 laser emitter with small, highly visible spot, the sensor is said to provide easy sensor alignment and high excess gain. The same sensor that provides repeatability of less than 3 millimetres and accuracy of plus or minus 10 millimetres can also reliably detect dark targets past 7 meters and white targets at 12 meters, says the company.

In addition to precision distance measurement, the LTF delivers consistent detection of targets regardless of the angle, environmental conditions or ambient light resistance. The dynamically adjusted laser sensor can also sense objects with varying materials and shapes. The laser power increases output for dark targets or objects at steep angles, while reducing power for shiny targets.

With ready-to-use operation, the sensor can be quickly mounted, aligned and provide real-time measurement. Users can also select from several teach modes, including 2-point teach, mid-point teach, switch point teach and push button adjust, to accommodate diverse applications. Advanced measurement modes, delay timers and cross-talk avoidance capability are also available.

An intuitive two-line, eight-character display makes adjustments and menu navigation simple and easy to read. Additionally, the bright LED indicators provide clear status indication for analogue output, discrete output and power.

Durable IP67-rated die-cast zinc housing helps the sensor cope with applications in harsh environmental conditions.


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