LDD Technology announces VHDL programmable logic development services

LDD Technology provides electronic design services for a wide range of customers, from development houses to major, international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). LDD has field programmable gate array (FPGA) and programmable logic design (PLD) expertise and in-depth knowledge of devices from major semiconductor manufacturers including Altera, now Intel, and Xilinx.

LDD is experienced in the use of Quartus II, Vivado and ModelSim design tools and the development of designs using VHSIC (very high speed integrated circuit) hardware description language (VHDL) and is able to recommend tools and silicon to suit specific customer requirements. LDD is familiar with many older programming tools and believes it is well-placed to provide support for customer’s ongoing legacy projects.

Recent designs delivered by LDD include multiprocessor, compact PCI board containing six Statix IV devices, multiple FPGA board, performing complex real-time processing, via a sonar processor, memory card interfaces (SD card and CompactFlash) and Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Many of the designs developed by LDD involve the use of NIOS II embedded processors and/or IP cores.

“Many software designers are familiar with programming in straight-forward “linear” languages such as C. “Says Malcolm Locke, managing director of LDD Technologies. “Programming in VHDL, where many processes are happening in parallel, is significantly more complex as the time dimension needs to be carefully managed to ensure operations are completed in the correct sequence.”

System designers are increasing their use of FPGAs and other complex processors to add functionality to individual devices, simplify and reduce manufacturing costs, and reduce the size of end products. The use of FPGAs is growing rapidly as costs reduce and power requirements decrease, observes LDD Technology.

A hardware manufacturer who selects an FPGA for a design, has to find experienced programming expertise, or run the risk of in-house trial-and-error programming which can be costly and delay end product introduction. Individual projects rarely justify the expense of recruiting a programmer, and using short term contractors has the inherent dangers of lack of continuity and long term support, says LDD. 

LDD has the flexibility to meet customer needs, whether providing custom-designed cores, FPGA designs or complete, integrated solutions including circuit design and board layout.



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