Liquid-cooled models extend SiC IPMs for e-mobility

Liquid-cooled SiC MOSFET intelligent power modules (IPMs) for e-mobility have been tailored for lower switching losses or for higher power. Cissoid has added the IPMs to its three-phase SiC IPM range. It has also added a module based on a lightweight AlSiC flat baseplate that meets the demand for natural convection or forced cooling in aerospace and in dedicated industrial applications. Both integrate a three-phase SiC MOSFET module with a powerful gate driver.

The IPM technology can be rapidly adapted to new voltage, power and cooling requirements, says Cissoid. They accelerate the design of SiC-based power converters enabling high efficiency and high power density. The embedded gate driver solves multiple challenges related to fast-switching SiC transistors. For example, negative drive and active miller clamping (AMC) prevent parasitic turn-on. There is also desaturation detection and soft-shut-down (SSD) to react rapidly but safely to short-circuit events. Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) functions on gate driver and DC bus voltages monitor system operation.

Two liquid-cooled power modules are based on a pin fin baseplate and rated for 1,200V blocking voltages and for 340 to 550A maximum continuous currents. The on resistance ranges from 2.53 to 4.19mOhms, depending on current rating. The total switching energies are as low as 7.48mJ (Eon) and 7.39mJ (Eoff) at 600V/300A.

Integrating the power module and the gate driver optimises the modules for lowest switching energies by tuning the dV/dt and controlling voltage overshoots which are inherent in fast switching. The reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) authorises peak currents up to 600A with DC bus voltages up to 880V making the power modules perfectly safe for 800V battery applications.

The air-cooled module is designed for applications where liquid cooling is not an option, for example, aerospace electromechanical actuators and power converters. This module is rated for a blocking voltage of 1,200V and a maximum continuous current of 340A. The on resistance is equal to 3.25mOms. Turn-on and turn-off switching energies are respectively 8.42mJ and 7.05mJ at 600V and 300A. The power module is cooled down through an AlSiC flat baseplate. The module is rated for 175 degrees C junction temperature and the gate driver for 125 degrees C ambient temperature.

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