Measurement data logging software includes profile instrument

Available to download, the latest version of IPEmotion release 2016 R2 features a Profile Generator for configuring drive and brake profiles, and Profile Instrument to display profiles. Ipetronik has also extended import functions for description files with information on the expected CPU load and ECU memory usage. There is also checking for duplicate channel names to make the import process more efficient, says the company. The synchronised measurement data analysis from multiple sources such as video, GPS and bus traffic provides a higher level of detail by relating the traffic messages to all the other data records.

In the Signals workspace, by supporting the XCP standard 1.2, information is now available on the expected CPU load and ECU memory usage when importing A2L description files. It is possible to activate a check for duplicate channel names, which can cause problems during subsequent measurement data analyses. The checking and correction facility helps prevent downstream analysis problems.

The Profile Generator allows users to configure drive and brake profiles via a simple context menu. Tests on roller test benches and test tracks are often based on predefined profiles to facilitate reproducibility and comparability. The new Profile Instrument in the display area graphically depicts the sequence control of the Profile Generator for the driver. Besides the active profile, the instrument depicts the reference profile and the tolerance band. It also supports the horizontal and vertical display of the profiles. The analysis of measurement data from multiple sources such as video/audio signals, GPS and ECU signals has been extended with bus traffic analysis. This allows traffic messages to be analysed in the Traffic Analyzer synchronously with other data. It is possible to display both the assigned measured values of a selected traffic message and the corresponding traffic message for a specific signal value with an active measurement cursor.

Other new features are a graphics library for LED instruments, along with new functions in the data manager, such as the depiction of channel properties for video recordings. When generating reports, it is now possible to define the report page as an individual template for other pages via copy and paste. This includes the layout of the associated header and footer and graphic elements. The scripting functions have been extended again and now also support IronPython, version 2.7.5. This is a .NET implementation of the open-source scripting language Python for the CLI standard (Common Language Infrastructure).


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