Microcontrollers have bio-sensing for healthcare applications

Low-power, 16bit microcontrollers in the RL78/L1A Group have an LCD driver that can be used for battery-powered sensing healthcare devices, such as blood glucose monitors, lactate analysers, cholesterol analysers, and other devices equipped with biochemical sensors.

A built-in analogue front-end circuit for biochemical sensing enables blood glucose and hemoglobin measurements with only one monitoring device. According to the company, the microcontoller can create compact and lighter medical devices with extended battery life, which can help patients manage health conditions, such as diabetes, more effectively.

Renesas Promotional Boards (RPBs) allow system developers to immediately evaluate the microcontroller’s functions.

 Integrating both analogue and digital elements that were previously provided as external components, onto a single chip, contributes to smaller circuit boards and reduced end-product costs.

By combining switches with a built-in ADC, it is possible to switch the measurement circuit including external circuits in software when the target is changed. For example, in blood glucose monitors, alternating measurements between components such as hemoglobin and the blood glucose levels.

Reference software improves precision, claims the company, by using the internal AFE functions, such as 12bit ADCs, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, internal reference voltages, and 12bit DACs.

Circuit improvements to the analogue front-end enable a significantly lower supply voltage, says the company. As a result, the measurement circuit, which is the main function for end products such as blood glucose monitors, can operate down to the very end of the system’s effective battery life, whereas earlier analogue circuits could only operate down to 2.4V, these new products can be used down to 2.0V.

 Six versions are available, with 80- and 100-pin packages and with internal flash memory capacities ranging from 48 to 128kbyte.



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