MLCCs series has termination option for defence and avionic applications

Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) in the KPS L series from Kemet, include a tin/lead termination option. They are available in EIA 1210 and 2220 cases sizes. The  L termination commercial capacitors allow designers to meet the needs of defence, avionic and industrial applications requiring a more robust termination system that helps mitigate tin whisker growth.

 The company uses a proprietary lead-frame technology to vertically stack one or two MLCCs in a parallel circuit configuration in a single, compact, surface mount package. The attached lead-frame mechanically isolates the capacitors from the PCB, offering advanced mechanical and thermal stress performance, claims the company. Isolation also addresses concerns for audible, microphonic noise that may occur when a bias voltage is applied. A two-chip stack offers up to double the capacitance in the same or smaller design footprint when compared to traditional surface mount MLCC devices.

Typical applications include smoothing circuits, DC/DC converters, power supplies, and noise reduction circuits with a direct battery or power source connection. They can also be used for any application that is subject to high levels of board flexing or temperature cycling.

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