Motor drivers boost powertrain performance

Two automotive motor drivers from Texas Instruments support high-performance powertrain applications. The DRV8305-Q1 is an integrated, three-phase brushless DC gate driver. The UCC27211A-Q1 is a high-current half-bridge gate driver.

For powertrain applications such as transmission pumps or engine cooling fans, the DRV8305-Q1 features a smart gate-drive architecture with programmable slew-rate control that allows easy optimisation of MOSFET EMC. The 9.0 x 9.0mm DRV8305-Q1 is in a 48pin, thermally enhanced thin-quad flat package (HTQFP) and meets the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC)-Q100 Grade 0 automotive temperature specification. Operating ambient temperature range is -40 to +150 degree C. For start-stop support, the driver operates down to 4.4V to support start-stop functionality, which enables car manufacturers to meet strict fuel efficiency and carbon-dioxide emission standards.

The integrated 3.3 or 5.0V linear regulator, three current-sense amplifiers and smart gate-drive architecture reduces board size and eliminates up to 20 external components, says the company. Advanced on-chip protection with detailed fault diagnostics guard against over-temperature, under-voltage lock-out, MOSFET shoot-through and overcurrent events.

The 100V UCC27211A-Q1 half-bridge gate driver supports both brushed and brushless DC motor applications. Individual half bridges allow the gate driver to be placed close to the MOSFETs, minimising parasitic inductances and simplifying overall board layout, says the company. Propagation delay are claimed to be the industry’s fastest, at 15ns, fast rise and fall times of 7ns and a 4A peak gate drive.

The negative voltage rating of -12V protects the driver from potentially damaging voltage spikes. It is offered in a 4.89-mm-by-3.9-mm package.


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