Mouser ships Texas Instruments’ dual-mode Bluetooth controller

Mouser ships Texas Instruments’ dual-mode Bluetooth controller: Distributor Mouser Electronics is now stocking the CC2564C Bluetooth controller from Texas Instruments.

The single-chip Bluetooth controller with Bluetooth basic rate (BR), enhanced data rate (EDR) and low energy (LE) support, reduces design effort and enables faster time to market, says the company. The device ships with a royalty-free, dual-mode Bluetooth software stack for use with both microcontrollers and microprocessors that include multiple profiles with enhanced quality of service (QoS) and sample applications.

The CC2564C Bluetooth controller is based on Texas Instruments’ seventh-generation Bluetooth core and includes several on-chip peripherals that enable easy communication with a host system and the Bluetooth BR, EDR, and LE core. The device is Bluetooth 4.2 component-qualified. When coupled with a microcontroller, it is claimed to offer best-in-class RF performance with approximately twice the range of other Bluetooth LE solutions.

The CC2564C incorporates power-management hardware and software algorithms that provide significant power savings and help to extend battery life. It offers power management functionality as well independent buffering and built-in co-existence and prioritisation handling for BR, EDR and LE.

For development, the CC2564C is supported by a CC256xCQFN-EM evaluation module, which plugs into the MSP432 LaunchPad through the BOOST-CCEMADAPTER board. The CC2564C can be used for IoT, wireless audio, medical devices, wearable devices, sensor hubs, and home and factory automation.

Mouser ships Texas Instruments’ dual-mode Bluetooth controller


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