Mouser stocks intelligent clock generators from IDT

Distributor, Mouser Electronics, is now shipping the VersaClock 3S family of programmable clock generators from Integrated Device Technology (IDT).

The chips are the world’s first intelligent timing devices to detect power-down status of the downstream-clocked component, for further energy savings in the system. They meet requirements for widely used standards including PCI Express Gen 1/2/3 and are ideal for consumer, industrial, computing, and automotive applications.

The programmable clock generators save board space by eliminating the need for multiple discrete timing components. The Performance-Power Balancing interface allows engineers to minimise power consumption based on targeted performance. The Overshoot Reduction technology prevents unwanted frequency over-shoot that can lead to system failures during fast frequency changes. An internal one-time programmable (OTP) memory allows engineers to store the configuration in the device without programming after power up, then program the devices again through the I2C interface.

Three phase-locked loops in the architecture are each individually programmable and allows up to three (5P35021) or six (5P35023) unique frequency outputs. The devices also have a low-power, digitally controlled oscillator supplying the system with a 32.768kHz clock with less than 2 micro A current consumption that can be powered by a coin battery, making it ideal for handheld and battery-powered applications.

Two evaluation boards, the VersaClock 3S – 5P35021 and 5P35023 connect to a PC running the manufacturer’s Timing Commander software, allowing designers to configure and program the device to generate different combinations of frequencies. USB programmer boards contain components and connections to help designers communicate through the IDT Timing Commander software with the VersaClock 3S devices for configuration and measurement on the board.


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